It’s been a pleasure working with GBSC and we are delighted that London Luton was chosen as the first permanent location

Upcoming Events

  • The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
    The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
    31/07/2014 - 24/08/2014
  • Benington Chilli Festival 2014
    Benington Chilli Festival 2014
    22/08/2014 - 24/08/2014


  • Last Week of the Fringe!!! …….Who’s for a ‘Good Porking’ ??

    After a amazing month of non stop pork action at the Edinburgh Festival we're now into our last week. To conclude the festival we are offering a 20% discount..... quote 'Good Porkings R us ' and receive 20% off a good porking. Many thanks to everyone who has made us feel some welcome for our first fringe and all our great customers. Read More »

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